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Windows Applications

Windows application can be a computer program or a set of computer programs designed to perform group of coordinated functions, tasks and activities. Windows application software cannot run on itself and is dependent on Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) to execute.

Our team of professional Windows desktop developers build large-scale standalone products from scratch. While highlighting in security, we are committed to grant fulfilling end-user experience providing to the end-users full control and reliability on our Windows desktop applications.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises puts theory into practice developing Windows desktop applications in line with the specifications which are tailored to the client’s requirements.

By using state of the art technologies our experts are capable of creating robust, reliable, easy to use but sophisticated and secure Windows Applications including but not limited to:

• Desktop software for business
• Graphics and video processing applications
• Windows services for continuously tasks
• Console applications

Windows Application

Depending on customer needs, develop of windows forms or wpf is recommended using .NET framework. Both solutions offer easy but sophisticated user friendly GUI, exceptional performance and functionality. 

Windows Service

Windows services developed under .NET framework provide enterprises the capability of an application running the background without interference from users todo important tasks. Thus expanding the workflow without interacting with users.

Console Application

Console application is used by IT personnel of enterprises to provide a gateway of intergrating softwares or system without the need of Graphical User Iinterface. In addition, console application's behavior can be controller by command line arguments.